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Welcome to Holy Ghost Juniorate, Ihiala is a minor Seminary of the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers. It was established in 1953, with the intention of helping, in no small measure, to nurture young Catholic vocations to the religious/missionary Priesthood and Brotherhood. Holy Ghost Juniorate was also established to help sustain the indigenous missionary spirit of the Local Church.
Holy Ghost Juniorate, Ihiala is the foundation of the spiritan Religious/Missionary Life, in keeping with the Spirit of Fr. Paullart Des Places and Fr. Francis Mary Paul Libermann, the founding Fathers of the Holy Ghost Congregation under the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Holy Ghost Juniorate, Ihiala accepts only Catholic Young Males who wish to become Catholic Religious Missionary Priests and Brothers, and those who wish to receive very sound Christian moral, religious and social formation and achieve excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, honesty and discipline.
The Seminary is located along Owerri/Onitsha Road, so catching a bus is not a problem. You are welcome to the seminary that pays great attention to the integral development, training and formation of zealous and enthusiastic young people who wish to make their dream of a great future into reality.


With determined passion and zeal to reach beyond frontiers, and zeal for souls, and with their Herculean evangelization and exploratory tasks, the early French Holy Ghost missionaries and explorers plunged the frontiers of African missions, and landed in Benin precisely by 14th and 15th centuries; and by between 17th and 18th century, they saw the shores of Nigeria soil. The Holy Ghost missionaries tirelessly impacted on the African soil and people, particularly in Nigeria, South-East.

The first light of missionary endeavor on the Southeastern part of Nigeria was with the arrival of the Holy Ghost missionaries from Gabon to Onitsha under the leadership of Fr. Joseph Lutz, C.S.Sp on December 5th, 1885. Fr. Joseph Shanahan, C.S.Sp (The Apostle of Igbo land) joined them in 1902; and when the mantle of leadership fell on him in 1905, history was set to record the evangelization of what is now called Nnewi Diocese in which Ihiala is located. The stream of this evangelization was to flow through two main courses almost concurrently: one having Nnewi as its target and the other Ozubulu/Ihiala. And to actualize their missionary ambition, they effectively explored the possibility of education, especially in the South-East regions of Nigeria. And the people of South-East people were receptive to the early missionaries’ evangelization strides. The educational exploration became timely as it proved a veritable tool for effective evangelization. Consequently and interestingly, this collective mindset of the early missionaries informed and gave rise to the establishment of many primary, post primary and Teachers Training schools, and hospitals in many parts of Nigeria. Some of those schools are C.K.C. Onitsha, C.I.C. Enugu, C.K.C. Port Harcourt, Holy Ghost College, Owerri, St. Theresa’s College Nsukka, Teachers Training College Azaraegbelu, Holy Rosary hospital Emekeukwu, Bishop Shanahan hospital Nsukka, Our Lady of Lourdes, Ihiala, etc.